Who is Kris?Musician. Vocalist. Husband. Daddy.

Kris Kimura is an award winning vocalist and woodwind specialist based in the “Live Music Capital of the World” – Austin, TX. For almost two decades, Kris has performed with many of Austin’s best bands including Ghandaia, Grupo Fantasma, Dario y su Comborican, Mr. Fabulous, Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes, the Pictures, Boombox, Monster Big Band, and MANY others. Kris has also shared the stage with many national and international artists including Michael Feinstein, Johnny Mathis, George Duke, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Doug Lawrence, Marcus Printup, the Temptations, the O’Jays, the Buckinghams, Arthur Latin, Butch Miles, Ignacio Berroa, Ndugu Chancler, and many others. In addition to a very busy career as a sideman in various projects, Kimura has led his own bands – The Kris Kimura Quartet/Quintet, the Kris Kimura Jazz Orchestra, the Wasabi Big Band, and the Wasabi Grandé Big Big Band.

Other Necessary “Talents”

  • Composer/Arranger
  • Live Sound and Recording Engineer
  • Road manager/Booking Agent
  • Web designer/graphic artist
  • Concert/Event Promoter
  • Conflict Management
  • Instrument Repair
  • Professional Cat Wrangler

My Expertise

Great American Songbook
1920's Hot Jazz
Latin Jazz / Bossa Nova
Big Band Swing
Patience for lame requests of my jazz band (Mustang Sally,Freebird,etc...)

PROJECTSAlways evolving...always swingin!

M el Tormé worshipped Ella Fitzgerald. In his autobiography, Mel stated that one of the many reasons that he idolized Miss Ella was that she knew over 5000 tunes…and not just the tunes, but in most cases, the verses. The Great American Songbook covers such a vast range of music from some of the world’s greatest composers. These were the songs that Miss Ella knew. Mel also states that one could spend their entire life and never really learn all of those great songs by all of those composers. His goal was to reach that magic number of 5,000 tunes. Later in his life, he was quoted saying “I did” when a fan asked him if he ever reached his goal. There have been so many wonderful songs written since the days of Cole Porter and the brothers Gershwin. I’m sure that if Mel or Ella were still with us today, they’d have 10,000 tunes in their books. They were both Masters of this music and are certainly two of my biggest musical heroes.

I want to follow Mel (and Ella) in their quest. I want to have 5,000 songs from the Great American Songbook composers in my book as well. To be perfectly frank…it’s going to be a LONG LONG time before I can even come close. It’s going to take a whole lot of listening and study and practice and Dr. Pepper to reach 2,500! My friends, I am up for the challenge! Living in Austin and having so many wonderful musicians to work with really helps! It’s all about the journey for me now, and these projects are my way to try and get to that magic number. Each project allows me to explore and study and perform these wonderful songs. As the days and gigs and reeds come and go, I keep my eye on the prize. I am forever grateful for the musicians who are kind enough to join me.

Kris Kimura Quartet

Wasabi Big Band

Wasabi Grandé

Tony and June Project

RECORDINGSThere are a few recordings available...

Old Folks2011
Old Folks - Kris Kimura

Old Folks (2011)
Kris Kimura – all woodwinds, vocals / Ryan Davis – piano / Tommy Howard – guitar / Adam Booker – bass
Mixed by Kris Kimura / Mastered by Nick Landis (TerraNova Digital) / Produced by Kris Kimura

Live at Eddie V's2007
Live At Eddie V's - Kris Kimura

Live at Eddie V’s (2007)
Kris Kimura – all woodwinds, vocals / Ryan Davis – piano / Tommy Howard – guitar / Adam Booker – bass
Mixed by Kris Kimura / Mastered by Nick Landis (TerraNova Digital) / Produced by Kris Kimura

Shue's Cafe2004
Shue's Cafe - Kris Kimura

Shue’s Cafe (2004)
Kris Kimura – vocals / Ryan Davis – piano / Josh Lowe – bass / Jeff Botta – drums
Additional Musicians:
Brad Scheele (trombone), Freddie Mendoza (trombone), Leo Gauna (trombone),
Elias Haslanger (sax), Gene Centeno (sax), Adrian Ruiz (trumpet), Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet),
& Jose Galeano (percussion)
Mixed by Nick Landis / Mastered by Jerry Tubb (TerraNova Digital) / Produced by Kris Kimura & Nick Landis

CALENDARCome out and see for yourself!

CONTACTI actually try to respond within 24 hours...promise!