Kris Kimurathe musician...

In the past, I have had professionals write my bio…they are really good at making me look impressive. Bragging about people or groups I’ve played with and what awards I have won seems so narcissistic and unnecessary. I am a musician. That’s about all that really matters. I have had the amazing opportunity to share the stage with many of my heroes, recorded on some great records, written music for commercials and film, and most importantly, am blessed to make a living playing music with some truly marvelous human beings.

It’s fairly easy to hunt down the details about my career in music. In fact, I have a CV that you can download if you REALLY want it.

One thing that I always wish folks would do – tell me something very personal about their lives or their goals. Most musician websites give the resume padding accolades and drop names as if it really mattered. That’s all well and good- but, typically, when I go to a musician’s site, I am looking for three things…where they are playing, what music they have available, and something personal. As a fan, I am constantly trying to find out something more than the resume and awards. In lieu of listing my musical accomplishments here, I will instead give you some absolutely useless facts about me. If nothing else, you will get a better idea of who I am as a person… I’ll let the music tell you who I am as a musician.

About me:
I was made in Taiwan (my father was stationed there while in the Air Force), born in Florida, and grew up in San Antonio. My father was Japanese and grew up in Nagoya. My mother is a mixture of Scot/Irish and grew up in upstate New York. My father was the world’s best fisherman. I only mention this because I have inherited more than just his Japanese genes… I am a fanatical fly fisherman. I tie my own flies and have been fishing rivers in Texas since I was seven. My mother is the most generous and selfless person that I know. She took me to concerts and ultimately to all my music lessons as a kid. Both of my parents were always very supportive of my musical aspirations.

When I was old enough for a library card, I would go and check out records. I would bring the records home and record them onto cassettes. I listened to a whole bunch of Stan Getz and Louis Armstrong. This was my first experience with jazz. Useless fact- the first music that I ever bought was an 8 track recording of Stevie Wonder. My brother and I inherited the family 8 track hi-fi stereo when my dad upgraded. We bought the Stevie Wonder 8 track at a garage sale down the street from where we lived for 10 cents. My brother and I used to carry the refrigerator box down the street and break dance. I danced hula and other Polynesian dances in the Halau ‘o Holomua. I always wanted to be a Boy Scout, but never had the chance. I was really gifted at being an extremely mediocre tennis player. I proudly claim nerd and band geek status throughout high school. My first job was setting pins at a bowling alley.

In addition to being extremely long-winded, I have the uncanny ability to ramble on for days. I will spare you a novel’s worth of useless information and focus on the most current, most useless facts about me. Hold on tight, I’m going to fire these out rather quickly in my typical ADHD fashion!

I live in Austin, TX. I have been making a living solely playing music for about 15 years. I ride my Harley-Davidson motorcycle every chance I get. I go fly fishing every chance I get. I have a very unhealthy addiction to Dr. Pepper and Marlboro Reds. I am an extremely picky eater and don’t sleep more than a few hours a day. I have designed all of my websites, love Gene Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and have the world’s greatest dog. I started building my own computers in 1994 and own just about every product that Apple has ever released. I am a total gadget geek and have owned half a dozen classic VW Bugs. I have to drive when I’m in a car. I made thousands of tacos while working at Jack in the Box when I was in school. I had the honor of studying with Tony Campise for many years. I eat WAY too much fast food. There were ninjas in my wedding. I look forward to those glorious three months a year when the McRib is available. I have been wearing the same cologne since 1988. Okay. That’s probably enough useless information for now. I assure you, if I thought that someone might actually read it, I could write volumes consisting of only useless facts about me…maybe one day I’ll do just that.

In the meantime, I will say that I am very blessed. I have wonderful friends, a supportive family, and live in a place that is full of amazing musicians. I won’t ever be rich or famous, but I couldn’t be happier with what life and music have provided me with. That is all for now.

– Kris

KEILWERTH SX90II Black Nickel (I prefer the curved neck to the straight one.)
RPC Mouthpiece (80)
Winslow Ligature
Rico Jazz Select 2H Reeds
– Classical setup: Selmer C* with Vandoren Blue Box #4 Reeds

KEILWERTH SX90R Black Nickel
RPC Mouthiece (95R)
Winslow Ligature
Vandoren V16 2.5 Reeds

KEILWERTH SX90 Straight Alto Black Nickel
RPC Mouthpiece (85)
Winslow Ligature
Vandoren V16 2.5
– Classical setup: Selmer C* with Vandoren Blue Box #4 Reeds

KEILWERTH SX90R Black Nickel
RPC Mouthpiece (140)
Winslow Ligature
LaVoz SOFT Bass Clarinet Reeds

Winslow Ligature
LaVoz SOFT Bass Clarinet Reeds

KEILWERTH SX90R Black Nickel
RPC Mouthpiece (138)
Winslow Ligature
Rico Jazz Select 3M Unfiled Reeds

Powell Signature C-Flute
ARMSTRONG Eb Soprano Flute
JUPITER Alto Flute
JUPITER DiMedici Bass Flute

BUFFET R13, SELMER PARIS Series 9,10 Bb Clarinets
Vandoren B45 Mouthpiece
Winslow Ligature
Vandoren Blue Box #3.5 Reeds

NEUMANN KMS105 Microphone
TC HELICON Create XT for delay and reverb

Lanikai LKS-CEU Concert Ukulele
Kala Soprano Ukulele

The Kris Kimura Quartet / Quintetpayin' dues for over a decade...

For well over a decade, the Kris Kimura Quartet has called Eddie V’s it’s home. Eddie V’s is a swanky restaurant and lounge in downtown Austin. We hit the stage every Sunday and Monday night at 7pm. I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to have a Sunday or Monday night off. Luckily, the DVR records my favorite shows, so I’ve not really missed anything. Think about it- Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones- all Sunday night shows…

During our tenure in the lounge, we’ve had the opportunity to perform for a whole slew of people. There are the famous people… Adam Sandler, Elaine Stritch, Jesse James, Tim Duncan, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Rick Latham, Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters, Lucien Barbarin, Russell Malone, Eddie Griffin, and Bill Watrous- to name just a few. It’s always fun playing for the celebrities. But, we’ve met many wonderful people who aren’t celebrities that have become fans and friends over the years. We have played countless weddings and private events for folks we met at Eddie V’s. We even have our “regulars” who come out and see us…well, regularly.

When Eddie V’s started opening new restaurants around Texas, we were the unofficial “grand opening” band. We played the restaurant opening for the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and both Houston locations. Our “Live at Eddie V’s “ CD was a part of the gift bag given to all of their VIPs. At one point, we were working at Eddie V’s Austin on Sunday and Monday nights, Tuesdays were in Houston, Wednesdays in Ft. Worth, and Dallas on Thursdays. In one year, we put over a hundred thousand miles on our band van. We spent a lot of time in the band van. A. Lot.

We’ve held similar residencies all over town. We spent over two years worth of Tuesday nights at the Speakeasy. Every Wednesday for over a year was at the Belmont. We played every Thursday at Z-Tejas for about 2 years. Our Sunday jazz brunch at the Highball lasted over two years and ended only because they were tearing the building down. We were the house band at Soleil (the Oasis) for two years playing Wednesday through Saturday nights. We have been in the Elephant Room monthly since 2003. We worked at Reed’s Supper Club, Sullivan’s, McCormick & Schmick’s, Joe DiMaggios, Romeo’s, III Forks, Dan McKlusky’s…pretty much anyplace in Austin that booked jazz.

Our adventures have not been limited to Austin. We’ve played club dates, private events, restaurants, and festivals all over Texas. We’ve even spent quite a few nights working in New Orleans. It’s been fun.

More to come…

The Musicfrom Bach to Bacharach...

Influences of the band:

Mel Torme, Nat Cole, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Anita O’Day, Bobby Darin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Harry Connick, Jr., Diana Krall, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Charlie Parker, Phil Woods, Maceo Parker, Grover Washington, Jr., Louis Armstrong, Joel Frahm, Doug Lawrence, Count Basie… this list would take waaaaay too long.

All my guys studied music in college. We are all classically trained on our respective instruments. All my guys have vast and varied record collections. We love music. Jazz, classical, funk, latin- you name it. That being said, our abilities to play different styles have led us to festival gigs, recording sessions, clinics, and performances playing in just about every style that we can. Life as a working musician is anything but boring.

Recordings and Music To Purchase…

We’re working on it! It expensive to record and really capture the energy of a performance. You need a great studio and great gear. More importantly, you need a great engineer. These guys are passionate about what they do and unfortunately don’t come cheap. “You get what you pay for” applies here. With a great engineer and producer, the studio and the gear are not as important. Hell, those great Blue Note records were recorded in a living room! I have been tempted to start a kickstarter campaign so that we could raise the bread necessary to really get a great recording. I have thought about taking out a loan, selling my Harley, a second mortgage, busking, selling some of my saxophones, putting my kid to work… At the end of the day, my focus right now is on the live show. Every time I have seen one of my heroes live, it is WAAAY better than any recording. The first time I saw Harry Connick, Jr truly changed my life. I got to be there…in the moment…sharing in our mutual love for the music. He performed and I was entertained. It just doesn’t get any better than that. I only wish I could’ve seen Duke Ellington’s band live…or Charlie Parker…or Louis Armstrong… That being said, if someone out there wants to shell out some big bucks for us to try and capture a performance and make a record, let’s do it! Withyour money and my guys, we can’t fail! For now, everyone will have to settle for the real deal- come out and see us live!